Should I have my property professionally furnished and styled before I put it on the market?

Give your property the best chance of achieving a terrific result Increase the number of potential buyers interested in your property.


  • to enhance photography for the purpose of marketing and advertising

  • give your property the edge over others

  • Wow buyers and create emotion as they enter the property

  • to increase the number of potential buyers and get traffic through the door

  • maximise the financial return on the sale

How does your process work?

Kord makes presenting your property easy, when you need to hire furniture for your house sale – you can always rely on us. After an initial consultation and onsite inspection, we will provide you with a free, no obligation quotation and fit-out schedule.

Once you have set a starting date with your agent to sell the house, we can install the furniture and accessories all ready for photography and open inspections!

Our property styling packages are designed to give you total flexibility, and are very competitive.

Rest assured you are in good hands! Our team is completely focused on you and your needs.


Your property stylist will communicate with you to arrange a convenient time to deliver your styling package.

Your stylist will be present during the entire set up and styling of your property and with the assistance of our experienced removalists the fit out will usually take half to a full day to execute.

What if my property is very small or very large?

Whether it is a studio apartment or a 5-bedroom family home, we have house staging packages to suit every Melbourne property type.

How long are your leasing periods?

We offer flexible hire terms - one-month minimum hire and a range of hire options for extensions and long term rentals. 

What is included in your property styling packages?

Sourcing from local and international suppliers, our inventory is maintained in an 'as new' condition and is subject to our stringent quality control criteria.

Kord strives to deliver a superior product - we carry a wide range of furniture and accessories:

  • Modern and traditional furniture

  • Ornaments and accessories

  • Floor and table lamps

  • Rugs, cushions and throws

  • Linen and Towels

  • Floral arrangements

  • Artwork

Why should I choose Kord Property Styling?

Our rates are very competitive - we offer rent free periods to allow for photography and marketing preparations. We also offer substantial savings on extended and long-term rentals.

What if I am a developer or builder? 

Kord's 'Solutions' package is designed specifically for developers and builders - a superior short and long term rental offering that provides complete flexibility and peace of mind!

Utilising inventory to wow and impress your client/buyers, we work with you to ensure your property presents at its very best.


Contact one of our Long Term Hire consultants to discuss how the 'Kord Solutions' package can work for you!

Call and speak to one of our expert Stylists today and arrange a free site inspection and no obligation quotation (Furniture hire and styling only).



We have merged with Aura & Form Interiors to design and style luxury Melbourne homes to reflect the high end lifestyle.

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